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A Simpleguide To Cooking For Beginners

We will not be taling about chefs on TV or in trendy restaurants showing off their dexterity: tossing food in pans, chopping vegetables and whisking vigorously with a speed and sleight of hand th...more
Cuisines & Recipes

A Simpleguide To Indian Cooking

While curry is inevitably associated with India, this term is simply used for meats or vegetables cooked in a spicy sauce, usually eaten with rice or Indian breads. Indian food is not limited to the f...more
Food & Cooking

A Simpleguide To Slow Cooker Cooking

Slow cookers The first slow cookers appeared on the market in the early '70s and their popularity has never stopped growing. The original slow cooker was called a crock pot, because of the cerami...more
Food & Cooking

A Simpleguide to Microwave Cooking

Guide to Microwave Cooking What are Microwaves? Based on the principle of radar, microwaves are a form of energy that comprises electro-magnetic, short-length, non-ionising, high-frequency radio w...more
Cuisines & Recipes

A Simpleguide To Mexican Cooking / Cuisine

Mexico is a vast and varied place. The cuisine, too, has enormous variety with many regional forms, as does the countryside, from north to south and east to west. The cuisine is one of the worlds olde...more
Wellness and Diets

A Simpleguide to Low Carb Diets

Let's start with basic nutrition. There are many kinds of nutrients, of which carbohydrates, or "carbs" for short, is just one. Other nutrients include proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals...more
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A Simpleguide To Italian Cooking / Cuisine

The Italian Pantry More than any other factor, Italian cooking relies on the quality of the ingredients to achieve its flavors. Making an effort to locate the right ingredients will pay off in the en...more
Healthy Food

A Simpleguide To Low Calorie Cooking & Eating

How do you know if you're obese or overweight? There's one measurement called the body mass index (BMI) that's a general guide to determining if you fit into either category. An adult is c...more
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A Simpleguide to Whole Foods Juicing

Why Whole Foods? Cashew Crema is a wonderful, dairy-free topping for fresh fruit or desserts. According to the USDA, healthier diets could prevent at least $87 billion per year in medical costs, los...more
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A Simpleguide to Party Food & Party Planning

PARTY PLANNING Planning ahead makes for a successful party. The small details are what add up to a festive whole, and advance preparations will make the event more enjoyable for both you and the gues...more