About Foodglad

My name is Pramit Singh, and I love creating online projects under the 'The Simple Project' name (motto: 'simplify everything.')
Believe me, getting older is no fun when you have no idea of how much your eating is affecting your health.
I was reminded of a poster I saw, which said "Take the stairs, for one day you will find out you can no longer climb the stairs."
Foodglad contains food calorie burn calculators , five health stat calculators on one page and a Mets value search tool - these are prompts to track what we eat and how much we are doing to keep ourselves active.
Currently, Foodglad uses a food database of 4500+ food items, and an activity database of 600+ activities.
The future: If I get time, I may as well as add more food and activity tracking features.
I hope you find my little project useful.