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Healthy Eating #8: Foods that help keep your eyes healthy

Whenever we talk about healthy eyes, carrots do help you see better. Carrots contain beta carotene (which forms vitamin A),  whichhelps your eyes adjust to dim light. Other than carrots, there ar...more
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Healthy eating #7: Start cutting excess fat from your cooking

Weight loss

Reducing fat from your food  helps reduce your long-term risks for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Health experts advise 20 to 35 percent of calories from fat (44 to 78 fat grams for a 2,000...more
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Healthy eating #6: Peanuts are healthy


Peanut is a member of the dried bean family, not a tree nut, peanuts provide protein. And they’re also packed with heart-healthy substances - among them folate, magnesium, good (monounsatur...more
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Healthy eating #5: Things to know about supplements (by age)

You only need to take the right vitamin or mineral supplement for your age and unique health needs. Remember, food first! Then if you need a supplement, here’s what health experts advis...more
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Healthy Eating #4: Take up a slow, steady weight loss plan

Weight loss | Dieting

For long-term. healthy weight loss success, take weight loss slow, steady, smart. For a realistic, healthful goal, most experts agree: 1⁄2 to 1 pound of weight loss per week. To quickly ju...more
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Healthy Eating #3: Which Foods Can Help Cure Common Cold?

So far, dietary cure-all claims for curing common cold, sniffles etc aren’t backed by strong scientific evidence. Large doses of vitamin C won’t prevent a cold, but its antihistamine e...more
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Healthy Eating #2: Eat For a F.I.T. Lifestyle


A physically active lifestyle helps you get a deeper, more restful sleep. It gives you strength and stamina to do what matters most to you. It also gives you some calorie leeway to enjoy another bite....more
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Healthy Eating #1: Make Health Goals That You Can Work On

Healthy life

When you set goals for fitness, healthier eating, or weight loss , - Break your big goals (resolutions) into smaller, more specific goals. - List realistic changes that match your goals. ...more
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Healthy Food List #42: Best Supplement Nutrition For Beauty

Supplements | Food list

1. Fern Extract for sun protection: It is a great antioxidant. 2. Biotin for stopping nail breakage. 3. Idebenone to reverse skin damage. 4. Primrose & Black Currant Oil for healthier ski...more
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Healthy Food List #41: Best Nutrition For Your Child

Food list

That every person, child or a senior, needs a balanced nutrition, goes without saying. You just need to adjust the intake for your age somewhat. Part 1: Essential nutrients 1. Protein: The body&...more