Healthy Food

Healthy Eating #1: Make Health Goals That You Can Work On

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When you set goals for fitness, healthier eating, or weight loss ,

- Break your big goals (resolutions) into smaller, more specific goals.
- List realistic changes that match your goals.

So, take time today to think about your healthy future. Write up your . . .
- Big goal: _____________________________________________
- Specific goals: _______________________________________
- Realistic changes that may work for you: ___________________________________


- Walk 30 minutes each day.
- Walk 15 minutes during my lunch break.
- Eat salad with dinner.
- Skip second helpings.
- Eat more vegetables.
- Lose two pounds in January.

Just be patient. Small steps add up over time. Stick with your small steps.. If you waver from your plan, dump any guilt or feelings of failure. Start again where you left off. Take another look. Evaluate your progress every week or two. Update and change your plan if you need to. And, reward yourself, with whatever you like, but never with more food.