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Healthy Food List #37: Best Nutrition For Reducing Your Hunger and Appetite

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1. Eating more protein makes you feel full quickly: And also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.

2. Eating fiber-rich foods: The body takes time absorbing all the energy, keeping steady blood sugar levels, and we feel full anyway.

3. Eat more solid foods than liquid foods: Liquid foods get absorbed quickly, which is not helpful with us feeling full.

4. Drinking Coffee reduces appetite: Peptide hormone is released in the stomach, making us feel full. Coffee also makes us thirsty afterward.

5. Drink more water: Especially before meals. Makes you full.

6.  Get some dark chocolate: Helps decrease our appetite and reduce our cravings for sweets.

7. Get more of ginger and chilli pepper: Which may help reduce hunger pangs, according to initial research.

8. Get omega-3 fats (found in fatty fish etc): These good fats increase levels of the fullness hormone leptin.

9. Eat on smaller plates: Which 'tricks' our brain in thinking we finished our meal.
Similarly, using bigger forks, which may help us feel full quicker.

10. Losing  body fat around our middle helps: Less body fat means less Neuropeptide Y (NPY) , means less appetite.