Healthy Food

Healthy Food List #29: Best Nutrition For Easing Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

Food list

1. Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries): Rich in antioxidants, which increases our immunity levels.

2. Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli,  cauliflower, kale, and cabbage): Help reduce the amount of thyroid hormone our thyroid gland produces.

3. Salmon, eggs and mushrooms: Rich in vitamin D (prevents bone loss) and Omega-3s fatty acids.

4. Turkey: Rich in protein. Helps in preventing weight loss, a common hyperthyroidism symptom.

5. Beans: Rich source of proteins.

6. Nuts: Another rich source of protein and fibre.

7. Dairy foods (yoghurt etc): For stronger bones. Untreated hyperthyroidism eventually weaken your bones and may lead to osteoporosis.