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Healthy Food List #2: Best Nutrition For Healthy Hair / Preventing Hair Loss

Food list

Three important nutrients for healthy hair are: Silica (helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals more effectively), zinc (helps form important hormones and enzymes) & biotin (for actual production fo healthy hair).  

For silica: Eat cucumbers, celery, sprouts and bell peppers.

For zinc: Reduce intake of  grains, legumes, & nuts  (they contain phytic acids, which reduces zinc's effectiveness in the body). Adult males need 11 milligrams of Zinc each day, and adult females need 8 milligrams. Eat spinach, kidney beans, shrimp, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, garlic, egg yolk etc.

For biotin: Almonds, carrot, yeast, grains, cold water fish etc.

You also need:
A  protein within hair that gives it volume and strength.  Useful foods for collagen include bone broth and sulfur compounds found in onions, cruciferous veggies and mushrooms.

Anti-inflammatory Herbs: These contain anti-oxidants. Found in turmeric, oregano and ginger.  

Low-sugar, nutrient dense fruit containing anti-oxidants: E.g. Lemon, lime, berries and apples.