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Healthy Food List #16: Best Nutrition For Building Muscle

Food list

1. Eggs: Rich in iron, zinc, and plenty of protein.Leucine, an amino acid, is very important in the protein synthesis process of our body.

2. Beans: Rich in fiber, which our body takes time to absorb, thus helping maintain energy levels for a longer duration.

3. Nuts: Rich in protein and fiber, which help boost energy and then keep it stable/

4. Oatmeal: Fiber rich complex carbohydrates that are stored in the body, giving us energy for a longer while.

5. Sweet potatoes: Rich in fiber and potassium (helps balance electrolytes, keeping us hydrated, also helps our body relax).

6. Crimini Mushrooms: Rich in B vitamins and folate, essential for energy production (especialy riboflavin).

7. Black, green or oolong tea: Rich in theanine, an amino acid , which helps improve attention and alertness.

8. Beef  (from grass fed cattle) : High protein content, Vitamin B content and iron content. Helps build lean muscle.

9. Beets: Improves liver function and helps with joint repair. Also increases muscle strength and power.

10. Brown rice: A slow-digesting whole grain, giving you longer-lasting energy.

11. Oranges: Help muscle growth, build strength and endurance.

12. Milk: Rich in whey, casein and glutamine (an amino acid), helpful in muscle building.

13. Quinoa: A top-level protein (has all amino acids) and is a slow-digesting carb. Helps build strength and lean muscle growth.

14. Spinach: Rich in glutamine, the amino acid that is important for lean muscle growth.

15. Wheat germ: A slow-digesting carbohydrate and a top protein.

16. Greek yogurt: Has more protein than regular milk and fewer carbohydrates too.

17. Apples: Contains polyphenols, which are helpful in increasing muscle strength and preventing muscle fatigue. Also helpful with burning fat.