Healthy Food

Healthy Eating #9: A checklist for healthful eating and active living

Check the statements that sound most like you:

- I want to eat better and move more, but not now. 
The sooner, the better for your health.

- I think about smarter eating and being active, but don’t know what to do.
Keep a diary to pinpoint what you need to change. Perhaps review it with a registered dietitian.

- I want to make permanent changes for smarter eating and active living. 
For good health, make changes you enjoy and can sustain. Can you name one?

- I feel successful only if I totally overhaul my eating and lifestyle. 
Think again; even little steps add up and make a difference. Take one small step today.

- I know it’s best to make change slowly, step by step. 
For most people, gradual change is more sustainable. For weight loss, a half pound per week usually succeeds best.