Healthy Food

Healthy Eating #13: Be a smart food buyer

Always buy food for the quality and health benefits. When you buy and consume healthy foods, you also save costs in your lifelong, personal health care. Here are things you should do to get the best value for your food dollar:

- Buy canned or dried beans. Beans are an inexpensive protein food, loaded with fiber and other phytonutrients.
- Fill your cart with veggies and fruit. Fresh, canned, or frozen— nutrition is virtually the same, so shop for the best price.
- Grow herbs. It’s cheaper and more convenient than buying them.
- Buy whole-grain foods. They have more nutrients and fiber than their processed counterparts, for about the same cost.
- Pack your lunch bag. You’ll save money, and often have more nutrient-rich options than you might have with fast-food eating.
- Stock your desk with bottled water. It’s cheaper than a vending machine soft drink.
- Reach for single-serving flavored (perhaps low-fat) milk - a nutrient-packed snack drink.