Healthy Snacks

Healthy Eating #12: Snack Healthy


These ar ethe essential rules for healthy snacking:

- Snack when you’re really hungry, not just when you’re bored or stressed.
- Snack with your whole day’s food intake in mind, not just as an add-on. Smaller meal portions allow room for snacks.
- Choose smart, handy snacks. Tuck whole fruit or a bag of pretzels in a briefcase or backpack to enjoy when real hunger strikes.
- Take a sensible portion from the package. Then put the rest away to put the brakes on mindless nibbling.
- Read the food label first. Low-fat snacks may not be low in calories.
- Do not snack mindlessly in front of the TV. Save money and eat smart by packing a handy, healthful snack before leaving home.
- Your signature snack mix: any combination of pretzels, nuts, whole-grain cereal, dried fruits
- Whole fruit: apple, banana, tangerine
- Single-serve foods: canned fruit, applesauce or pudding cup