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Healthy Eating #10: Stay fit in cold weather

Cold weather is no excuse to skip your fitness routines and nestle in by the TV. A shift of seasons simply gives you different options.
In any weather, the same guideline applies: get 60 minutes of moderate activity every day if you can. In cold weather, try these outdoor activities:

- Winter sports: cross-country or downhill skiing, skating, snowshoeing
- Active leisure: winter nature walks, snow hiking, sledding
- Outdoor chores: snow shoveling, chopping firewood, dog walking
- Too cold or windy? Go mall walking inside! Get creative.

For safety’s sake in cold, wintry weather, keep this in mind:
- Cover up to stay warm. Your head, hands, and other exposed skin need to be covered. An uncovered head gives off a lot of body heat.
- Layer your clothing. Several lightweight layers may keep you warmer than one or two heavier layers.
- Stay dry. Moisture conducts cold air toward your skin and heat away. Wicking fabrics help you stay dry as you exercise in winter.
- Stay hydrated. Although it may be cold outside, you still can sweat! Bring a water bottle.